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Funding R&D is a key factor for the development of any business organization, to shrink costs and time-to-market. It covers the additional financial expenses to back innovation.

EC supporting schemes play a main role in supporting the business transformation of a private company, research centre or public organisation.

Most of SMEs usually miss the opportunity to get funds from the European Commission, for they are unable to write down good proposals and overcome tough competition.

Even in structured organisations, there is a non trivial lack in the high-quality competence, needed to apply EC calls for proposal.

Cardea is a quick and cheap solution to these problems. Cardea supports you in submitting a request for money and, once the grant is approved, Cardea will manage the international project on behalf of you to steer it toward a successful completion. It does provide the required skill to prepare sound proposals and manage the project according to EC rules.

More in detail, the specific services, provided to get funding, are:
- selection of the best fitting topic in the pending call
- search and management of the international partners
- quality assurance in the editing of the application
- financial budget assistance
- professional support at negotiation time

Cardea doesn’t leave you alone ever! It shares the challenges by joining your idea.